Industrial labelling

With the patended PrintoLUX® process.

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The PrintoLUX® process

The patented process sets new standards and can replace previous processes such as screen printing, engraving, anodising, vacuum printing, lasering and plotting in many areas of application.

Convincing figures
Cost-efficiency of the PrintoLUX® process
Everything is feasible
Flexibility & mobility of the PrintoLUX® process
Ingeniously simple
Applying the PrintoLUX® process
More about the process

PrintoLUX® quality

Functional reliability, durability, presentation quality.

The PrintoLUX® process has given the labelling technology industry an innovative boost and sets new standards in industrial durability.

Reliability, trustworthiness and profound customer service. These are the guidelines of our in-house laboratory. The high durability of the labels represents the core of the PrintoLUX® brand.

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PrintoLUX® quality promise
Thoroughness and diligence are among our performance characteristics
Certified materials from PrintoLUX®
The right materials for your labelling tasks

PrintoLUX® certified materials

Your guarantor for durability
and quality.

The quality leap in labelling printing made possible by PrintoLUX® is essentially defined by the materials we use.

Their specific properties make it possible to produce highly resistant products through the interaction of carrier material, ink to be applied, printing and thermosetting.

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PrintoLUX® portfolio

You have the choice.

You decide how you want to use the PrintoLUX® process:
You can buy or rent PrintoLUX® systems for the production of labels.

We also offer the option of leaving the production to us and simply ordering the finished printed labels from PrintoLUX.

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PrintoLUX service printing
Forget personnel bottlenecks
Purchasing – Renting
In-house production with low or high labelling requirements

Industrial labelling with PrintoLUX®

Optimize your labeling process with branch-specific
solutions for industry.


The labelling requirements in the automotive industry are associated with astonishing costs. With the PrintoLUX® process, the production of industrially applicable license plates has become much simpler and more cost-effective.

Automotive companies such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche and VW also notice this.

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For markings in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, requirements are growing with regard to their suitability for placing contents on small surfaces in a consistently visible form.

Contemporary marking technology is expected to provide, among other things, colour designs and precisely depicted typographies.

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Energy supply
An unambiguous and durable labelling is an absolute must for plants in the field of
energy supply.
The constantly growing demands on

plant identification require consistently high quality and resistance to thermal, chemical and mechanical stress.

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Mechanical engineering

The growing importance of industrial labelling for mechanical engineering is reflected, among other things, in the increasing number of functions in labelling and the increased demands placed on quality and equipment.

Today, machine-readable marking is driving the automation of production under the "Industry 4.0" label.

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“We use both laser engraving technology and the PrintoLUX® process for manufacturing nameplates. When it comes to a high-quality typeface and a good display quality of even the smallest typography, we experience the process as being vastly superior."

Michael Gaber
Konstrukteur im Bereich Forschung & Entwicklung, Trench Germany GmbH

"As internationally active machine manufaturer we also produce labelling with Cinese characters. The PrintoLUX® process achieves this much faster than engraving"

Jürgen Schätzle
Leiter der Elektromontager, Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG

"We experience the process convincingly and profitably above all through its versatility."
Martin Hartung

Kaufmännische Projektleitung, Leadec BV & Co. KG. KG

"With the PrintoLUX® process, we have significantly improved our project business in one important control variable: if identification plates have to be corrected during project handovers, we can do this without any delay.
Andreas Schmücker

Produktionsleitung, ROSS EUROPA GmbH

“After switching to the PrintoLUX® system, we have been able to achieve cost savings of between 30% and 40%.”

Silke Bartsch
Leiterin Administration der Konstruktion, Hegenscheidt MFD

Your advantages with the PrintoLUX® process

With the PrintoLUX® process, you ensure a process-optimized
label production for your machines and industrial plants.

Simple application

Simple application of the PrintoLUX® process following a short induction and training session.
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Demand-based production

Demand-based, in-house, just-in-time production does away with delivery times and cuts costs.
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Cost-efficient production

Individual items as well as large quantities as part of standard production can be produced cost-efficiently.
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One process for everything

PrintoLUX® replaces time-consuming processes applied in parallel, such as engraving, screen printing, anodic
printing, etc.
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Certified materials

PrintoLUX® certified materials guarantee industrially suitable, high durability.
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High variety of materials

Currently, 11 materials made of metal, plastic and foil can be printed directly. Supplied as individual signs or as a sheet.
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Low acquisition costs

Demand-based PrintoLUX® printing systems are available from EUR 5,000 net.
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Efficient workflows

Print any content (text, graphics, variables) in a single step.
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High display quality

The high resolution (up to 5,760 x 1,440 dpi) guarantees accurate presentation even with complex motifs, such as scales and
2D codes.
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