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About us

The PrintoLUX® process, the new standard for industrial labeling

The patented PrintoLUX® process for the production of industrial labels is setting new standards. Diverse requirements in terms of durability, material, display quality and cost-effectiveness can now be realized with a single process and with a single software for medium labeling.

In just a few years, the PrintoLUX® process has convinced the entire German automotive industry as well as many well-known plant and machine builders.  

PrintoLUX as an expert for labeling issues

Impeccable implementation of newly required labeling contents (2D codes) as well as different functions of the labels (orientation, safety, process simplification etc.), delivery of suitable fastening types for the labels (screws, rivets, gluing etc.) or the development of a holistic labeling strategy, which applies to the whole company:

Over time, PrintoLUX has made a name for itself in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries as an expert in labeling issues.

The team behind PrintoLUX

The PrintoLUX® process owes its success not only to its industrial durability - which, of course, contributes a great deal to it - but also to its young, dynamic team, which has been committed to the company’s success with undiminished commitment and loyalty for the past 10 years.

PrintoLUX is a company that does not stand still and works steadily to establish our patented labeling process as a new industry standard and to stand by its customers as a competent partner for all matters relating to the topic of "Industrial Labeling".

Working with and for PrintoLUX means challenging and changing tasks for our employees and participation in the continuous development of the company as well as a development of their own person. 


Hermann Oberhollenzer