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“A stroke of luck”

Austrian artist Prof. Arthur Redhead first began experimenting with the creative potential of the PrintoLUX® process in 2008. He used the possibilities that the process affords for working in multiple stages, combined with different methods of applying colour - from a traditional artist's brush to airbrushing - and was blown away by the variety of effects that were afforded by the various substrate materials. As Redhead says, "This method has opened up new and rich creative territory. It has been a real stroke of luck."


The idea of using the PrintoLUX® process in a technique known as tintography was discovered more or less by accident, but has since made quite a name for itself. We at PrintoLUX® are eager to see which direction the process will now take.
Below is selection of first impressions on the range of creative possibilities offered by tintography:

Christian Eisenberger

Christian Eisenberger's provocative works have taken the Austrian art scene by storm. Born in Graz, Austria in 1978, the artist now lives and works in Vienna..

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Arthur Redhead

Prof. Arthur Redhead was born on May 5, 1955, in Zeltweg, Austria, the second son of Hermine Redhead (nee Ragger) and Robert Arthur Redhead ...

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Paul Renner

Born in 1957, Paul Renner lives in the Bregenz Forest, Austria and Piedmont, Italy. His creative activity is based on art as synaesthetic perception.

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Jack Bauer

Born in 1971 in Graz, Jack Bauer is the son of the late author Wolfgang Bauer, who next to Peter Handke and Thomas Bernhard was one of Austria’s most important playwrights of the 1970s. For Jack – who even as a young boy was devoted to painting and drawing – it was clear from the outset that he would eventually turn his passion for art and design into his profession.

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