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Jack Bauer

Life and work

Born in 1971 in Graz, Jack Bauer is the son of the late author Wolfgang Bauer, who next to Peter Handke and Thomas Bernhard was one of Austria’s most important playwrights of the 1970s. For Jack – who even as a young boy was devoted to painting and drawing – it was clear from the outset that he would eventually turn his passion for art and design into his profession.

In the 1990s, he studied under Professor Christian Ludwig Attersee at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. In this time, Bauer worked a lot together with Martin Kippenberger and Franz West and laid important foundations for his later work. Today, Jack Bauer lives and works as a visual artist in Vienna and also looks after the literary estate of his father.

From free painting and drawing, Jack Bauer develops recurring themes that are characterised by a perception for nature and eroticism coupled with philosophical reflections. In doing so, he comes to terms with experiences and thoughts from everyday life and long journeys. Speed is a central aspect in his works and of his artistic style. The aluminium sculptures in the series “Jackflash”, for example, clearly indicate that pace and a sense of frenzy fascinate the artist and are something that he tries to represent. Speed is also a hallmark of Bauer’s work: “Speed allows me to switch off my thoughts when I am drawing. There is simply no time for it – my art is created without any final controls.”

Dietmar Haubenhofer, managing director of VESCON and art patron, comments on the creation of the “VESCON Art Catalogue” with Jack Bauer as follows: “When I first came into contact with Jack Bauer’s work, it revealed to me an erotically charged – yet not immoral – series of images. I find his drawings both natural and deep. His gift allows him to master quick yet assured strokes and to always concentrate on the essential aspects.”
In addition to his great talent for drawing, it was also the authenticity of the artist that was most apparent when meeting in person, and set a solid foundation for the joint cooperation on an art catalogue.

Working with the PrintoLUX® process

In addition to the catalogue, the artist also created a traditional art edition for VESCON. Eight different motives from 1997 to 2014 were printed on aluminium plates using the PrintoLUX® process. This was something completely new for the artist and one that he found exciting. He used the possibilities offered by the process to change and further develop the motives after they were finished, which allowed him to create a series of unique pieces. The printing result and brilliance of the colours seen in the PrintoLUX® process also impressed the artist.

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