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Development and innovation from PrintoLUX

For PrintoLUX, one of the company's primary goals is to continuously develop the process in line with the impulses and requirements of the market. 
Many customers already trust us when it comes to industrial labelling.

Development of our components

Since 2008 we have been continuously developing the individual process components. Each innovation meets the specific requirements of user groups.

Labelling systems

PrintoLUX® systems are in-house developments to efficiently implement individual marking requirements as in-house production. To date, 8 different system variants have been developed, which are used as stationary or mobile units.

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Certified materials

The certified materials are the core element of the PrintoLUX® process. For this reason, the certification of materials is of the utmost importance in the quality assurance and product development process operated by PrintoLUX®.

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Labelling assembly

Following the PrintoLUX® principle "One process for everything", the PrintoLUX®-FLEX sign holder system is now also available: One sign holder for almost all applications.

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Sustainability & Environment

We pay attention to the topics of sustainability and environment. That is why we focus on environmentally friendly, water-based inks and sustainable product packaging (systems).

Functional extensions

We are also constantly developing the functions of our labels:
  • 2D codes
  • RFID Technology


  • 2008: Patent application PrintoLUX® process
  • 2015: Patent application sign holder PrintoLUX®-FLEX
  • 2017: Patent application PrintoLUX® laminating process

We are constantly developing our products further. Therefore, we know in detail how our process components work, what they can or cannot do.

PrintoLUX® labelling systems: reliable and durable

The two labelling systems initially offered have now grown to more than 18 variants, with each new variant meeting specific requirements of user groups.

  • The PrintoLUX®-FB-140/3000-plus system is equipped with an additional powerful servomotor making the table feed more stable and uniform.
    In addition, this motor allows increasing the support weight by over
    100 percent to more than 5 kg.
  • The further reduced droplet size (2.0 instead of 3.5 pl) provides a finer print image. The system's cartridge capacity has been doubled reducing the refill frequency accordingly.
  • A leap in performance meant the development and market launch of the PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE system. Designed for mobile use, this system facilitates all additional and replacement labelings on the construction sites of the plant and mechanical engineering.
  • Whether inside or outside the control cabinets: The PrintoLUX®-STONE is an
    all-rounder that completely eliminates the use of parallel devices.
  • The fact that our system also processes labelling materials from other suppliers underlines its versatile and comprehensive benefits. At PrintoLUX new print systems always translate into additional performance, ease of use and customer benefit.

At PrintoLUX new systems always translate into additional performance, ease of use and customer benefit.

PrintoLUX product overview


We now also offer the PrintoLUX®-FLEX sign holder system in line with the PrintoLUX principle of "one process for all needs": One sign holder for almost any application.

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