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The number of applications and indusries that can benefit from the PrintoLUX® direct printing process are as numerous as the possible uses for printed description signs, labels and front plates.

Direct printing applications

The PrintoLUX® method of printing directly on metal, plastics and foils using heat-curing PrintoLUX®ink - the first of its kind in the world - offers the following benefits:

  • High chemical resistance
  • Good UV resistance
  • Very good scratch resistance
  • Good prerequisites for explosion protection

Thanks to the high resolution, good colour gradients, and transitions of unprecedented quality, the potential fields of application for our PrintoLUX® direct printing process are virtually unlimited. Contrary to expectations, all the advantages offered by the PrintoLUX® process are available at an unbeatably low cost. Even on high-volume runs of simple labels, the per-unit costs achieved with the PrintoLUX® process are well below those of screen printing and engraving. Our top-quality printing supplies include printer-ready sheets, templates, and pre-treatment of materials. Significant time and cost savings can be achieved here with our direct printing process.

Automotive Industry

Until now, the standard practice in the automotive industry in terms of obtaining printed labels and signs has been either to buy the required items from an outside supplier or to maintain in-house printing systems and materials ...

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Power supply; Chemistry/Pharmaceutical

Explicit markers on plants in the power supply industry as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are absolutly necessary.

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Mechanical Engineering

Explicit markers are absolutely essential in mechanical and plant engineering.

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