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In plant construction of the automotive industry the costs for preparing necessary labelling amounts to 5 per cent of the entire project costs on average.

These significant expenditures have been given amazingly little attention too or questioned so far. With the PrintoLUX® process the production of industrial-grade marking hast become significantly more economical. This has also been noticed by the automotive corporations such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Magna Steyr, Opel, Smart, Porsche and Volkswagen.

With the PrintoLUX® process - compared to engraving, screen printing and other conventional processes - many simplifications occur in assembly, markedly reduced time with lablling production, which allows for just-in-time-production. In this manner, changed project data can be allowed for up to shortly before assembly.

While it was common in the past to employ different processes in parallel for different labelling tasks, the major advantage of the PrintoLUX® process is the capability of producing a wide variety of identifications. The process works equally well with metals, plastics and foils. It can process different material thicknesses (from 0.1 mm to 10 mm) and design marking colour.

What our customers from the automotive industry appreciate in particular with PrintoLUX®:

  • the associated cost and efficiency benefits
  • the simple implementation in production processes
  • printing in colour (corporate logos)
  • the presentation of data matrix codes.

Automotive Offers

You decide how you want to utilise the PrintoLUX® process.

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  • Bräuer Systemtechnik GmbH

    Customer: Bräuer Systemtechnik GmbH
    Industry: Automotive

  • Daimler

    Customer: Daimler
    Industry: Automotive

  • Dürr Systems GmbH

    Customer: Dürr Systems GmbH
    Industry: Automotive

  • FFT

    Customer: FFT
    Industry: Automotive

  • VW

    Customer: VW
    Industry: Automotive


Benjamin Heiler
  • Benjamin Heiler
  • Account Manager / Key Account BMW
  • +49 (0)6233 6000 913


André Candela
  • André Candela
    Geprüfter Industriemeister Metall (IHK)
  • Account Manager / Key Account Daimler
  • +49 (0)6233 6000 905

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