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Automotive offers

You decide how you want to utilise the PrintoLUX® process.

Not only the PrintoLUX® process is marked by high flexibility and customer benefit.

We also meet these demands when developing our business relationships. As an automotive supplier you have the choice: You may purchase or rent PrintoLUX® systems for the production of signs and labels.

Furthermore, we offer the option of leaving the production to us and simply ordering the finished printed signs and labels from PrintoLUX.

We offer our customers:

  • The external solution:

Service printing: Order finished printed labels.

  •  The internal solution a):

Buy a PrintoLUX® system (with a correspondingly high labeling requirement)

  • The internal solution b):

Rent a PrintoLUX® system (with a correspondingly low labeling requirement)

Purchasing or Rent: PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE


All of the PrintoLUX® process benefits at your site:

  • Unlimited availability in terms of time and location also at construction sites/installation locations.
  • Significant cost savings through process simplifications.
  • Signs and labels from metals, plastics and foil can be produced with a single process.
  • Coloured, photo-grade printing and printing of 2D codes (data matrix codes, qr codes) are possible without additional expenditure.
  • Speed! In series printing, for example, 4,800 aluminium cable tags (12 × 60mm) per day can be produced – also right at the construction site.


Your labelling needs are too low for a system purchase to pay off. By renting (at least one months) you enjoy all process benefits without investment costs. The rental costs for a PrintoLUX® STONE system are € 287.50 net / month.

Further financing options, such as renting or leasing a PrintoLUX® system, are available on request.

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Michel Flick
  • Michel Flick
    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Head of Production & Purchasing
  • +49 (0)6233 6000-914