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Automotive offers

You decide how you want to utilise the PrintoLUX® process.

Not only the PrintoLUX® process is marked by high flexibility and customer benefit.

We also meet these demands when developing our business relationships. Since early 2015 our automotive customers have the choice: They may purchase or rent PrintoLUX® systems for the production of signs and labels.

Furthermore, we offer the option of leaving the production to us and simply ordering the finished printed signs and labels from PrintoLUX.

The rental and rent-to-purchase option relates to the automotive package of our PrintoLUX®-Basic-go-1.5 system. It is exclusively to companies from the automotive industry.

Your options of utilising the PrintoLUX® process:

Purchasing the PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE

Mobile labelling - everything everywhere.

With the PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE all replacement and additional labelling on all construction and plant and equipment engineering sites can be comprehensively done without any delay. The PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE delivers this now, also including all labelling needs within control cabinets.

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Purchasing the PrintoLUX®-FB-10/400

Versatile industrial use.

The PrintoLUX®-FB-10/400-system cannot fail to impress with its outstanding printing speed. If you want a bit more of the print area and weight, this system  is the right choice.

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Purchasing the PrintoLUX®-Basic-go-1.5

For mobile and stationary employment.

The PrintoLUX®-Basic-go-1.5-system, developed for mobile use, is rugged, powerful and easy to operate. It is ideal for transport to installation sites but can also be very well employed as stationary system.

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Renting the PrintoLUX®-Basic-go-1.5

For mobile and stationary employment.

We rent this system for a minimum rental period of 3 months or a period of any length at a fixed price per month.

The prices include introduction to working with the PrintoLUX® process (online training) as well as any service tasks occurring during the rental period. Consumables costs (PLX ink, PLX pretreatment, PLX pretreatment cloths) are billed as used.

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Rent-to-purchase the PrintoLUX®-Basic-go-1.5

For mobile and stationary employment. 

If you realise during the rental period that the own production of signs and labels with the PrintoLUX® process represents an interesting permanent solution, the rental can be converted to a rent-to-purchase option. The rental agreement can then be replaced by a sales agreement where the already paid rental cost is applied to the purchasing price.

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Purchasing printed signs/labels

Capacity problems with your PrintoLUX® system, bottlenecks due to vacations/sickness of staff, no own PrintoLUX® system available for whatever reason: 

You would like to use printed signs and labels in PrintoLUX® quality without having to manufacture them yourself. We are the right contact for this scenario as well. You can have all PrintoLUX® signs and labels used in the automotive industry printed by us on short notice and at fair prices. In addition, we ship these signs and labels for you worldwide to the desired adress.


Jens Jonderko
  • Jens Jonderko
    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Customer Service; Manufacturer, Automotive
  • +49 (0)6233 6000 903


André Candela
  • André Candela
    Geprüfter Industriemeister Metall (IHK)
  • Customer Service; Supplier, Automotive
  • +49 (0)6233 6000 905

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