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In plant engineering in the automotive industry, the cost of creating the necessary markings averages 5 percent of the total project costs.

Labels within the automotive industry

Astonishingly, these substantial costs had previously not been taken into account or challenged to an adequate extent. Thanks to the PrintoLUX® process producing industrially suitable labels has become significantly easier. Automotive manufacturers have also noticed this.

While it had been common in the past to use several processes for different labelling tasks, the PrintoLUX® process offers the great advantage of being able to produce a wide variety of labels.

The PrintoLUX® process offers the following advantages over conventional processes:
  • Reduced time required for label production enables just in time production. In this way, changed project data can be taken into account until shortly before assembly.
  • The process works with metals as well as with plastics and foils.
  • Different material thicknesses (from 0.1 mm to 10 mm) can be processed.
  • Labels can be designed with colors and various additional functions can be added.
  • Multiple simplifications in the assembly of the labels.

Labels and their equipment

Under the auspices of automation, 2D codes are also increasingly being used for marking in the automotive industry. As machine-readable information, such codes must be removable from larger marking carriers just as easily as from very small formats. In some cases, 2D codes must be easily recognizable even if they are installed in positions that are difficult to access.
In addition to high durability, a special display quality is therefore also required. 
(Additional) features of the labels:
Functions, such as 2D codes, RFID
Mounting options, such as cable ties or sign holders
Weather protection for outdoor use
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