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Growing demands on plant identification require a high degree of resistance to thermal and mechanical loads.

Power plants, machines and equipment and their labeling needs

For machines and plants as well as power plants in the energy industry, industry-specific requirements for the characteristics used play a special role. This concerns above all the high and permanent resistance to thermal, chemical and mechanical loads. 

Our customers in the energy industry value PrintoLUX® most of all for the following reasons:

  • Associated cost and efficiency advantages
  • Simpler implementation within production processes
  • Colour printing
  • Illustration of 2D codes.

In the following areas license plates are used:

  • Plant identification code
  • Hazardous material label
  • Cable identification
  • Pipeline identification
  • Security mark
  • Switchgear identification
  • Building identification (inside and outside)

Labels and their features

Under the auspices of automation, energy companies are also increasingly using 2D codes for labeling. As machine-readable information, such codes must be easily removable from large and very small marking carriers. Sometimes 2D codes must be easily recognizable even if they are installed in positions that are difficult to access. In addition to high durability, a special display quality is therefore also required.
Additional features of the markings:
→ Functions, such as 2D codes, RFID
→ Mounting options, such as cable ties or sign holders
→ Weather protection for outdoor use
Montserrat Garcia Alujas
Sales Manager

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Plant Labelling in the Energy Sector with PrintoLUX®

As a process and service provider, PrintoLUX offers optimal solutions for your labelling needs.

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