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Labelling in mechanical and plant engineering

Explicit markers are absolutely essential in mechanical and plant engineering. Among the constantly growing demands to be met by the markers on plant and equipment in this field is, among other things, maximum resistance to thermal, chemical and mechanical loads.

As far as markings are concerned, there are also growing demandson their ability to position content in small areas in a durable, easily visible form. A wide variety of olour options, accurately displayed typography as well as the installation of data carriers are part of what is expected from modern marking technology.

While it was common in the past to employ different processes in parallel for different labelling tasks, the major advantage of the PrintoLUX® process is the capability of producing a wide variety of identifications. The process works equally well with metals, plastics and foils. It can process different material thicknesses (from 0.1 mm to 10 mm) and design marking colour.

What our customers appreciate in particular with PrintoLUX®:

  • the associated cost and efficiency benefits
  • the simple implementation in production processes
  • printing in colour (corporate logos)
  • the presentation of data matrix codes.



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  • Homag Group AG

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    Mechanical Engineering

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