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Mechanical engineering

The use of labels is gaining importance in mechanical engineering.

Industrial labelling in mechanical engineering

Whereas signs mainly used to be the communicative bridge between humans and machines, machine-readable labelling is currently driving forward automation within the context of "Industry 4.0". In this process PrintoLUX has evolved to become a renowned partner as the PrintoLUX® labelling process produces excellent results throughout, it is easy to handle, and ahead of other processes in terms of cost-efficiency.

The growing significance of industrial labelling in mechanical engineering becomes obvious from elements including increasing label functions (safety, identification, logistics) and more stringent label quality demands (durability, international labelling, high presentation quality, 2D code applications, RFID/NFC).

With this in mind, "label procurement" has come under increased scrutiny, particularly in mechanical and plant engineering. More and more mechanical and plant engineering companies are no longer organising label procurement on a case-to-case basis specific to certain areas, but they have taken a strategic approach applicable throughout all areas.

Decisions about the procurement channels and production methods of the labels used lie at the core of strategic label planning. PrintoLUX GmbH has developed the FEMSQ model to determine individual demands and make the decision about a suitable approach easier. This model queries the following fundamental quantities to determine the labelling demands: flexibility, straight-forward operation, mobility, speed and quality.

Our customers from the mechanical engineering industry value PrintoLUX® most of all for the following reasons:

  • Associated cost and efficiency advantages
  • Simpler implementation within production processes
  • Colour printing
  • Illustration of 2D codes.

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