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Maintenance & service 

PrintoLUX® systems production reliability

Check-ups are necessary.

Regular maintenance forms part of using PrintoLUX® labelling systems. Maintenance is the best way to guarantee permanently reliable, top system performance. In this process, recommended maintenance intervals are based on how frequently you use the systems. We advise our customers
to have regularly used systems serviced once a year.

Specialists at work

PrintoLUX® system maintenance is carried out at one of our service locations by qualified personnel with great care, detailed knowledge, experience and a trained eye.

How it's done

PrintoLUX® labelling systems are in-house developments with the result that our staff is familiar with all components of these systems.
And this expertise means we can quickly and efficiently carry out any maintenance activities.
We usually need no more than one working day for system maintenance.

4 steps to successful maintenance


Step 1: assessing the situation

In the first maintenance step we check whether we need to carry out repairs in addition to maintenance work.


Step 2: replacing wearing parts

Checking and replacing wearing parts is at the core of maintenance activities. These include transport and drive castors as well as spray pads, ink cartridges and ink collecting containers. We then remove any potential ink residue on the inside of labelling systems, driven parts and on the housing.

Step 3: checking the function

After having completed maintenance and repair measures we then test the system. In this process, the maintenance team particularly focusses on the presentation quality and perfect colour printing. Labelling systems are then safely packed for transport before they are shipped back to customers.


Step 4: documentation

The quality of completed work is then illustrated by comprehensive standard print motifs on PrintoLUX®-certified materials. We then thoroughly analyse these test prints. If there are any irregularities, we quickly find and eliminate any
sources of errors.

Preventing downtimes


As part of comprehensive and concise servicing and maintenance we place great importance on keeping
downtime for our customers to a minimum or even completely avoiding it as part of maintenance and repair
work. We can achieve this by closely coordinating procedures with you.

It's best to work hand in hand

  • We recommend regular maintenance to maintain the functional reliability of your PrintoLUX® system. You can apply the following rule in this context: if your device is in use for more than four hours a day, we recommend having it serviced every six months as part of a maintenance contract (once a year with the PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE system). If you use the unit for under four hours a day, we recommend you regularly check the maintenance counter and have maintenance carried out once the counter reaches a certain value.

  • A detailed description of how you use the PrintoLUX® system also has a positive effect on maintenance times (frequency of use, downtime periods, use of colours, use of materials, etc.). 

  • If you let us know whether your PrintoLUX® system is showing any signs of reduced output or faults (even only sporadically), you facilitate targeted and fast access to sources of faults.

  • You can easily avoid downtimes by accurately planning maintenance based on your demands (holiday periods; other times during which the PrintoLUX® system is not used).

  • By concluding maintenance contracts all contractual customers have access to a chargeable replacement device during the maintenance period.


Four maintenance and repair options



PrintoLUX® maintenance contract

We offer all PrintoLUX® labelling system users maintenance contracts. Benefit from the following:
  • Your PrintoLUX® system remain reliable thanks to regular maintenance.
  • Free service periods you can use for hotline support: on working days between 8:30 am - 5 pm.
  • As a result of contractually guaranteed flat rates you save around 30 percent of the maintenance costs.
  • If necessary, we can provide you with a chargeable replacement device during maintenance.
  • A maintenance contract means you can reliably plan the costs in your budget.

Maintenance without contract

It goes without saying that our maintenance range also fully applies to customers who refrain from signing a contract. Not having signed a maintenance contract will have no influence on the quality and reliability of our work.

  • Costs about one third higher compared with contractual maintenance. 
  • Unfortunately we cannot offer a replacement unit for logistical reasons. 
  • However, you can rely on our free hotline support on weekdays between 1 pm and 2 pm.

Additional repairs as part of maintenance

If we can identify the need for repairs at the start of the maintenance process, we provide customers with a separate cost estimate.

We will only carry out the work after having received a corresponding customer order.


Repairs regardless of maintenance

This is the matching option if you have identified a fault in your labelling system and would like us to carry out repairs without having the system serviced at the same time. We are also happy to provide this service. 

  • In this case, you can send us your PrintoLUX® system and attach corresponding information about the fault after having arranged an appointment.
  • We will assess the situation and send you a cost estimate. 
  • We charge EUR 150.00 net to assess the situation. We will offset this flat rate with the repair costs in the event that you commission us to carry out the repairs.
  • We will then carry out the work after having been commissioned. 
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