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Mobile labelling

Everything and everywhere: The PrintoLUX® process now makes comprehensive mobile labelling feasible and cost-effective on site.

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Mobile labelling using the PrintoLUX® process


The PrintoLUX®-Basic-go-1.5/400 system, often used in plant engineering and construction, is tough, reliable and practical to use and is capable of producing the majority of plant and equipment labels and signs.

The PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE system represents a major leap in performance in this respect. The labelling of all plant and machinery, including control cabinet components, is now possible with this new system.


The PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE means that all replacement and additional labelling on all plant and construction engineering sites can be comprehensively done without delay.

In plant and construction engineering projects, bottlenecks with the availability of signs and labels occur time and again. Changes to planned specifications result in labels for machinery, equipment, lines, control elements and other plant components also having to be corrected. Where the need for industrial signs and labels lies outside of the normal planning framework and must be met at short notice, it can often lead to a delay, increased workload and higher costs. This relates to the construction and installation phase, as well as to the project handover and commissioning phases.

The PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE system now produces all the labels you need for control cabinets and elsewhere on the equipment in minutes. The time-consuming and costly ordering and waiting for replacement labels from suppliers or from your own workshop is now a thing of the past.

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The mobile labelling system

The PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE - One for all

The PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE brings an end to this annoyance. Once again, this mobile labelling system confirms the PrintoLUX mantra “Simply better labelling.” It is the world's only system to be capable of producing all the labels you need on construction sites or on installation jobs. Forget all about engraving, plotting, thermotransfer and vacuum anodising or UV printing: the PrintoLUX®-STONE makes parallel processes redundant and wins out as a production process to meet all your labelling needs on site and for assembly.


  • A unique system for the production of all labels
  • Printing surface up to maximum 210 x 314 mm
  • Adjustment of printing height through template technology up to 20 mm (two templates are sufficient for all applications)
  • Replacement cleaning station
  • Spare cartridges
  • Robust control unit protects against incorrect operation and vandalism (control button, main switch, USB connection)


  • Unique software (BarTender®) to produce all the labels you need
  • Templates for PrintoLUX® standard formats
  • Template for well-known providers' labels in control cabinets (printed circuit and cable terminals, device labels etc.).
  • Simple data handling


  • Robust housing
  • Well-cushioned internal bearing
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium (aircraft construction)
  • The unit's housing doubles as a transport case
  • Smooth-running and stable wheels
  • Telescopic handles

Shield material

  • Certified PrintoLUX® materials: metals, plastics, foils (currently over 1,700 products)
  • 2 PrintoLUX® standard sheets can be processed in a single printing process
  • Original label materials from well-known manufactures, like Murrplastik,. Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller can be printed


  • Maintenance: service interval increased from 6 to 12 months
  • High-performance service contracts
  • Online support
  • Online training
  • Replacement units guarantee uninterrupted workflow
  • Printing service: Should you experience staff shortages, we'd be happy to help with printing in-house.

Now nothing is a problem... (anymore)

This system finally even makes labelling on site easy

The newly developed mobile labelling system PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE makes labelling problems on site a thing of the past. The benefits of the labelling system designed for mobile use essentially reflect PrintoLUX's own slogan: Our patented process is intended to simplify industrial labelling.

Labelling can now be done on site without delay.

“One for All” means that you can now tidy up on site, with no need for parallel equipment. Labels for plant and equipment and for inside control cabinets can now be produced with a single process and a single software.
Whether you're printing cable labels, type plates or terminal labels, in aluminium, polyester or stainless steel – everything's possible with the PRINTOLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE.
The 20 mm opening height enables all the labels used in control cabinets to be produced on site: cable, wire and terminal labels.
The system enables Murrplastik, Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller materials, among others, to be printed with ease.
The PrintoLUX® software works across all manufacturers' machines and also includes other providers' label templates. The PrintoLUX® software thus offers free access to all relevant Murrplastik, Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller standards, among others.
Unlike companies which have specialised in labels for control cabinets, the PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE is also suitable for all your printing needs outside the control cabinet.






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