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PrintoLUX® Customer Interview: Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG

Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG is a leading machinery manufacturing company with special know-how in the creation of high-quality finishes. Many product innovations in the automotive industry (e.g. diesel injection systems or continuously variable automatic transmission) could not have been realised without the Supfina Surface Finishing Systems used worldwide. Precision-finishing of surfaces represents a challenge many other industry sectors are also faced with. The machines engineered and manufactured by Supfina for this purpose are delivered from the Black Forest to all parts of the world.

Mr. Schätzle, what is your responsibility at Supfina and for which purpose do you need labelling?

Jürgen Schätzle: "I am working as manager of the electrical assembly; my responsibility includes the correct signage of the machines we manufacture as well as the identification labels on cables and hoses used here".

What do you require of the labelling mentioned?

Jürgen Schätzle: "As a company with worldwide business activities, we use labels in many languages. Of course, we try to keep the pertaining work and cost effort as low as possible and need an easy to handle and efficient process for producing our labelling tasks. We require durability, good legibility even for small formats and economic production."

Does the PrintoLUX® process you are using meet these requirements?

Jürgen Schätzle: "Yes, this is the case. I do not have a precise cost comparison against engraving of plastics available; a method we had previously used. However, especially with the production of Chinese characters the superiority and faster production time of the PrintoLUX® process becomes apparent. By replacing engraving with the PrintoLUX® process we have also converted the material of our signs completely to aluminium. This has improved the complete appearance of our labelling, increased the presentation quality and simplified handling throughout."

How did you first find out about the PrintoLUX® process?

Jürgen Schätzle: "A colleague mentioned the name 'PrintoLUX' two years ago when returning from a seminar. This tip was rather timely since we had been looking for possible improvements with the production of our labelling already back then. After having examined the issue for some time and checked out respective options, we then decided in favour of the PrintoLUX® process in the spring of 2015. We use the Basic-go system and it works very well for us."

Based on your practical experience with PrintoLUX®, do you have any suggestions or recommendations how the process could be improved?

Jürgen Schätzle: "Yes, in this regard I can point out two items that can be be improved: We use the oven supplied by PrintoLUX® together with the 'Basic-go' systems to cure the printed labels. This oven accommodates two label sheets, approximately size A5, back to back.

We always need to reach across one label sheet, which is not very practical. If the oven or the oven door was designed to accommodate the label sheets next to each other instead of behind each other, one would not need to reach across the front label sheet to get to the one in the back. Another drawback relates to refilling the ink into the cartridges of the print system. It always takes between ten and fifteen minutes for the refilled ink to properly settle in the cartridges allowing us to continue printing. Such waiting times are bothersome."

Your overall impression of PrintoLUX® with a few words?

Jürgen Schätzle: "A good and economically priced process!"


Dr. Helmuth Bischoff