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We now also offer the PrintoLUX®-FLEX PrintoLUX® sign holder system in line with the PrintoLUX® principle of "one process for all needs": One sign holder for almost any application.

PrintoLUX also lives up to the claim of "simplifying processes and consequently reducing costs" in terms of label installation.

The objective

It's always the same problem: you don't have a matching
sign holder available for the sign you are currently
using. It's too large or too small, too complex to attach
and complicated to equip.

The consequence

Plenty of issues, long installation times and increased
labour costs. Despite the multitude of available sign
holders there had previously not been a simple and
universally compatible solution.

The solution


Universal sign holders – industrial users can use them to secure the majority of their signs and labels. The
PrintoLUX®-FLEX system makes installing labels and signs easier to handle, quicker and simpler.

PrintoLUX®-FLEX-SH-56/88 and

  • Universally suitable for all sign sizes.
  • Unbeatably easy to mount, fit and change labels on pipes and smooth surfaces equally easy and stable to fasten.
  • With the universal plate holders, more than 90 percent of industrially used license plates can be mounted quickly and safely.


  • Simple handling
  • High levels of flexibility
  • Significantly less time required and thus lower costs
  • Flexible in terms of label format and material
  • Simple to secure using cable ties, screws or adhesive
  • Use Velcro fasteners to attach labels that are larger than the sign holder
  • Cuts costs during installation and for additional labels

It's easier with PrintoLUX®-FLEX

PrintoLUX-FLEX at a glance