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It’s often the "little things" that make your everyday work easier. That's why we offer a wide range of accessories to complement the PrintoLUX® process. Find appropriate thermal units, templates and cutting machines on the following pages.

Templates and adhesive mats

Templates and adhesive mats provide the base surface for the materials you wish to print.

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PrintoLUX® Roil Cutter, 510 mm

Roll Cutter with 510 mm cutting length for material thicknesses up to 2 mm. Suitable for the precise cutting of foils and paper materials.

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PrintoLUX® Corner Rounder

Sturdy corner-rounding die with interchangeable cutting unit for an outside radius of 3 mm.

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PrintoLUX® Professional Sheet Shears, 530 mm

The sheet shears are suitable for cutting aluminium (AE, AS), stainless steel (VE) and foils. Material thicknesses of up to 1.5 mm (AE, AS) can be processed.

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PrintoLUX® Industrial Furnace (410 x 600 mm)

Special industrial furnace; circulation; weighs approx. 64 kg; for sizes up to 400 x 600 mm; up to six chrome-plated slide-in racks.

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