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PrintoLUX® labelling systems

The PrintoLUX® process can be used with different labelling systems:

  • Mobile directly at the industrial plant or in stationary operation
  • In black or in colour
  • On metals, plastics and foils
The right PrintoLUX® system is available for almost every requirement. Naturally, this includes all the components required to carry out this innovative marking process.

Our satisfied customers

... versatile industrial use
... mobile labelling: everywhere and everything
... for mobile and stationary use

The model diversity realizes proximity to different customer needs

With a large variety of systems, models and versions, we orient ourselves to the different requirements of industrial marking.

Industrial suitability

The focus is on the industrial suitability of our
labelling systems.

Our printing systems
Your main applications determine the system variants


High durability and brilliant colour quality on different materials.

You decide!

You decide how you want to utilise the PrintoLUX® process.

Buy a PrintoLUX® system

All of the PrintoLUX® process benefits at your site:

  • Unlimited availability in terms of time and location also at construction sites/installation locations.
  • Significant cost savings through process simplifications.
  • Signs and labels from metals, plastics and foil can be produced with a single process.
  • Coloured, photo-grade printing and printing of 2D codes (data matrix codes, QR codes) are possible without additional expenditure.
  • In serial printing, for example, over 10,000 aluminium cable signs (12 x 60 mm) can be produced per day with the PrintoLUX®-STONE system.
  • They are mobile in use everywhere – label directly right at the construction site.

Rent a PrintoLUX® system

Secure all advantages and keep costs manageable:

  • Your labelling needs are too low or just related to a project for a system purchase to pay off.
  • By renting (at least one months) you enjoy all process benefits without investment costs.
  • Further financing options, such as renting or leasing a PrintoLUX® system, are available on request.
The PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE in the clever rental option.

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The advantages of PrintoLUX® labelling systems


Great flexibility with regard to the shield material that can be used (metals, plastics, foils).


High durability of the printed image suitable for industrial use, which our process is increasingly bringing into play as an alternative to engraving.


Process optimization that can be achieved with PrintoLUX® through simple implementation and production of license plates.


High print and colour quality that can be achieved with our systems (even on very small sign formats).


High-quality processing of all PrintoLUX® systems, which our production carries out according to the principles of "Made in Germany".


Clear advantages in handling (quick and easy to the required license plates).


Easy to transport, especially when combined with our compact and robust PrintoLUX®-Basic-go systems.


Very favorable cost/benefit or cost/ amortization ratio when purchasing a PrintoLUX® system


In our workshop, our specialist experts take care of the comprehensive and careful maintenance of all systems.


PrintoLUX® labelling system configurator

Configure the right labelling system to suit your needs in three simple steps.
You will be surprised which applications our method is suitable for!

Button Konfigurator EN-1

Variants of our labelling systems

Your main applications determine the system variants.


Ultra-fast systems

The smaller system, which is very suitable for transport, also works very quickly.
It is one of the most sought-after products due to its convincing ratio of "price, handling, intended use, performance".

Retrofit systems

Various retrofitting options and special constructions ensure an additional extension of the manifold application possibilities of our labelling systems.
Depending on the main application, we ensure the realisation of larger passage heights and print formats.
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Sales Manager
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Materials for the PrintoLUX® process

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