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PrintoLUX®- FB-140/3000-plus

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PrintoLUX®- FB-140/3000-plus

This labelling system meets all the demands set by industrial applications. The PrintoLUX®-FB-140/3000-plus is particularly suitable for special applications, such as front panels, housings and boards.

  • The high degree of automation not only adds convenience, it also protects from a host of errors. Operator errors that may cause damage are automatically excluded.
  • The most recent printing system’s main characteristic is its simpler operation, for example in terms of the printer driver. You can directly calibrate manual colour
    corrections in the driver.
  • By including an additional servomotor we have boosted the maximum contact weight by 100 percent to more than 5 kg.
  • A reduction in droplet size to 2 pl results in an even more refined printed image.
    Consequently, you can produce gradients and manually configured colours very evenly.
  • Use "light ink and benefit from clean-cut grey shading and a very ample colour spectrum.
  • Double the cartridge volume (30 ml) means it is more cost-efficient to refrain from using refill cartridges and purchasing new cartridges where necessary. Consequently, you can prevent errors during manual refilling.


If a white print is required, the 3000er printing unit is changed with a 400er printing unit (PrintoLUX®-FB-140/400 or PrintoLUX®-FB-500/400). Also the RIP software is used.

For all possible system purchase options see customer-specific applications.

PrintoLUX® FB-140/3000-plus system:
A heating unit is not included in the scope of delivery of this system.

The PrintoLUX®-FB-140/3000-plus model can be upgraded to the PrintoLUX®-500/3000-plus model at any time.
With the PrintoLUX®-FB-500/3000-plus, products up to a height
of 500 mm can be printed.

Customized applications:

UV-curing inks in criticism: Water-based PrintoLUX® inks as alternative.


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