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PrintoLUX®- Certified Materials

The quantum leap in label printing quality made possible when using PrintoLUX® industrial labelling process is significantly influenced by the materials we use. Their specific properties and innovative features mean the substrates, ink, printing technology and heat-curing process can be combined to manufacture products of unequalled durability and outstanding graphic quality.

Durability Matrix

The requirements for the production and use of signs and labels are the decisive factors in choosing the correct material for the application. Our Durability Matrix can be used to make an initial selection. We guarantee the listed properties for our materials. These properties are to be used as a guideline. They can be influenced by local on-site conditions in particular. It is thus the obligation of each user to check the suitability of the materials for their specific application.
This Matrix is designed according to two criteria: The first is the consideration of the general external influences that the signs and labels are exposed to (weather, temperature, UV radiation, chemicals, sea water). The further processing of the sheet material (cutting, sawing, stamping, drilling) is also important when making your selection.


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