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PrintoLUX® consumable materials

In just a few years, the PrintoLUX® process has become one of the leading industrial labelling processes, thanks to the well coordinated interaction of the individual process components.

PrintoLUX® pre-treatment fluids are an important factor in the PrintoLUX® process:

The additive we use to pre-treat the substrate not only cleans the surfaces, but also ensures that the inks to be applied have the same antiflow properties. In addition, this pre-treatment ensures faster burning in and better adhesion of the print. If the pre-treated material is stored dry and free of dust and grease, the desired effects are retained for months.

Selected and certified shield materials
serve as highly suitable substrates for durable and
high-precision labels.

The pre-treatment liquid

enables a high and durable precision of the print image.

Water-based PrintoLUX® inks

underline the environmental friendliness of our process.


PLX pre-treatment, plus

Pre-treatment serves four functions:

  • Cleaning (dirt, dust, grease residue, etc.)
  • Anti-bleed properties (ink drops do not run=highly accurate outlines)
  • Suitable for use for up to 15 months after having been opened.
  • Activator for baking the ink=high durability levels

We apply "plus" pre-treatment rather than our previous standard pre-treatment process. This brings about the benefits of easier handling when applying liquids and added durability.


PLX pre-treatment, SF

  • Pre-treatment for our special foils (PD, PK, PY).
  • Suitable for use for up to 3 months after having been opened.
Refer to the corresponding safety data sheet for additional application details.

PLX pre-treatment, ELX

  • PLX pre-treatment specifically for anodised material.
  • Suitable for use for up to 3 months after having been opened.

Refer to the corresponding safety data sheet for additional application details.


PLX cleaning agent

  • Cleaning fluid to remove adhesive residue and/or tough dirt.
  • Apply prior to PLX pre-treatment.

PLX pre-treatment cloths, white

  • Special cloths for lint-free application of PLX pre-treatment.
  • Format: 310 x 310 mm.

PLX cleaning cloth, blue

  • 40 lint-free cloths for pre-cleaning (PLX cleaning) per packaging unit.
  • We recommend using a new cloth for each cleaning process.
  • When using panel materials with protective foil we recommend a pre-treatment to fully remove any adhesive residue from the protective foil.
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Head of Materials Management, Logistics & Packaging
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Thermosetting inks from PrintoLUX®

Maximum colour brilliance and extremely high display quality.

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