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PrintoLUX® inks

Your environmentally friendly option for maximum colour brilliance and extremely high display quality.

The patented PrintoLUX® process consists of three essential elements:

Water-based PrintoLUX® special inks
PrintoLUX® pre-treatment liquids, primers
PrintoLUX® certified shield materials

Only when all three process elements are used is the patented industrial durability of the PrintoLUX® process guaranteed  with PrintoLUX warranty. Resistant to acetone, nitro thinner, MEK, petrol, oil, grease, superheated steam, ice cleaning, diluted acids and alkalis, etc.
This resistance is a major safety factor for labels with comprehensible contents such as safety labels, hazardous substances or type plates.


The essential properties of PrintoLUX® inks:

The ink we co-developed is therefore one of the decisive features of the PrintoLUX® process.

  1. Water-based: In contrast to solvent-based inks, water-based PrintoLUX® inks also have the advantage of preventing the print head from sticking during longer print breaks. They are also a health and environmentally friendly option.
  2. Highly pigmented: it supports maximum color brilliance and extremely high image quality in the print result.
  3. Thermosetting: thermosetting achieves the industrial durability of the printed image.


Customer-specific applications

PrintoLUX® inks are in contrast to UV-curing inks totally safe for handling. They are not declared as hazardous substances according to tests and evaluations of well-known institutes and do not require any protective decives when they are used.  Their disposal can also be carried out without hesitation and without any environmental hazard.

More about customer-specific applications

PrintoLUX® storage set

Should your PrintoLUX® labelling system ever have a longer service life, the PrintoLUX® storage set, consisting of a set of empty cartridges and a PrintoLUX® sealing liquid, is worthwhile.

Your PrintoLUX® labelling system is protected from drying out thanks to a care fluid that has been adapted to the print head. You can consequently decommission your PrintoLUX® printing system for several month without having to worry about damaging the print head.

The storage set is also ideally suited to prevent ink loss at the system in the event of shorter downtimes of over one week.