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The main applications determine the system version

The development of our range of printing systems moved into its third phase in 2014.

  • When PrintoLUX® was founded in 2008, our systems were simply separated into "small" and "large".
  • Four years later, we expanded our range to 20 systems to meet as many market requirements as possible.
  • Since 2013, we have slightly reduced the number of system versions to concentrate on core features.

We focus on the industrial capability of our systems.

PrintoLUX® printing systems have to unreservedly persuade customers in terms of their:

  • Operational and production safety
  • Industrially used label materials
  • Service life
  • Sturdy and compact design, simplifying transport of the systems (installation and project work)

Ultra-Fast Systems

The printing system introduced in 2014 stands out on account of their printing speed, which is more than 50% faster.

» PrintoLUX®-FB-10/400

Our smaller system, ideal for transporting, also work very fast 

» PrintoLUX®-Basic-go-1.5

This is one of our most popular products because of the impressive "price, handling, uses, and performance". The high level of printing speed and throughput is combined with a conscious reduction of colour spaces to common industrial colours.

Robust, versatile, and efficient, these two newer members of our product family incorporate all the positive features of our printing systems.

Retrofit Systems

Various retrofit options and special designs ensure that the range of possible applications using PrintoLUX® systems can be expanded further. We are then often able to implement greater clearance heights and printing formats.

» PrintoLUX®-FB-10/400

» PrintoLUX®-FB-140/3000-plus

White Printing

Experts know that white printing with digital printing processes is not the last word in printing. PrintoLUX has found a highly accepted solution for white printing.

If a white print is required, the 3000er printing unit is changed with a 400er printing unit (PrintoLUX®-FB-140/400-plus or PrintoLUX®-FB-500/400-plus).

» PrintoLUX®-FB-140/3000-plus


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