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Printing Systems

  • Printing surface of up to 320 x 540 mm
  • Height adjustment up to 10 mm 
  • Maximum resolution 5,760 x 1,440 dpi
  • Series printing with up to 12,800 aluminium plates in a 1 shift operation

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Description of the printing system

This system cannot fail to impress with its outstanding printing speed. 

If you want a bit more of the print area and weight, the PrintoLUX®-FB-10/400 is the right choice. The maximum bearing weight is 10 kg. 

The height can be varied using template technology and/or tooth belt + hex ratchet.

The printing mechanism moves instead of the support table. This ensures a high printing quality.

Mark thickness up to 0,05 mm can be realized with this printing system.

PrintoLUX® Quattro Software: Unbeatlable efficient

The standard BarTender® software allows the free and individual design of labels for PrintoLUX® users. Text formatting, colour specifications, graphics implementations and creation of barcodes are easy to manage.

The PrintoLUX® quattro software acts as an additional control unit, which enables the simultaneous printing of four label sheets. The serial printing is speeded up. The software allows four times the throughput with only twice the time.


One label sheet with 20 signs, AE, aluminium, 12 x 60 x 0,5 mm; four label sheets match 80 signs.

The printing time (including the printer's upstream and downstream) is 180 seconds, which is 2.25 seconds / sign.

For 80 signs and an internal hourly rate of € 50, this is € 2.50 per working hour for 80 signs.


Upgrading model PrintoLUX®-FB-10/400 to PrintoLUX®-FB-30/400 is possible at any time and costs 3,200 € net. Products up to a height of 30 mm can be printed with the PrintoLUX®-FB-30/400.

Technical Data

Active printing surface up to max. 320 x 540 mm
Height adjustment Height adjustment of between 0 and 10 mm by means of template technology and/or tooth belt + hex ratchet; in special construction up to 30 mm
Printing technology Piezo ink-jet technology, unidirectional/bi-directional
Resolution Maximum 5,760 x 1,440 dpi
Colours 1 (2x) PLX-hp-black, PLX-hp-cyan, PLX-hp-magenta, PLX-hp-yellow, PLX-hp-orange, PLX-hp-red2
Colours 2 (alternative) (7x) PLX-hp-black
Colour management PrintoLUX® colour profiles for achieving defined colours (RAL, Pantone)
Ink supply 7 cartridges with auto-reset chip; cost-effective refilling system with 50 ml units
Inks Highly pigmented, heat-curing, water-based special PrintoLUX® ink
Materials PrintoLUX®-certified metals, plastics and foils
Interfaces USB 2.0, Ethernet
Weight approx. 60 kg
Dimensions 685 x 1,010 x 475 mm
Manufacture In-house development with Epson mechanism
Operating systems Windows 2000, XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10; MAC OSX
Print handling Series printing is possible


  • Printing System Printing System


    • aktive Druckfläche: 320 x 540 mm
    • Auflösung: maximal 5.760 x 1.440 dpi
    • bedruckbares Material: Metalle, Kunststoffe, Folien
    • Tintenversorgung: 8 Kartuschen mit Autoreset-Chip; kostengünstiges Nachfüllsystem mit 50-ml-Einheiten
  • PLX-USB-Stick PLX-USB-Stick


    • Treiber
    • Farbprofil
    • Software
    • Symbole-Bibliothek
    • Handbücher




  • BarTender® BarTender®


  • Set of ink cartridges Set of ink cartridges

    8 Katuschen mit Autoreset-Chip; kostengünstiges Nachfüllsystem mit 50-ml-Einheiten.

  • USB cable USB cable

    Für die Verbindung des Druckers mit dem Computer / Laptop.

  • pretreatment liquid plus pretreatment liquid plus


    • Reinigungs-/Vorbehandlungsflüssigkeit
    • Inhalt 500 ml, pro Flasche
    • Haltbarkeit bis 15 Monate
  • Industrial Furnace Industrial Furnace

    PrintoLUX®-Industriewärmeofen (340 x 400 mm)

    • für Formate bis 340 x 400 mm
    • bis zu 5 Einschubgitter möglich
    • mit digitaler, gradgenauer Temperatureinstellung
  • Adhesive mat Adhesive mat

    Spezialhaftmatte mit hoher Haftkraft zur Positionierung zu bedruckender Materialien.


  • Software Software


    Effizienz hoch 4.

  • Special Template Special Template


    Diese Schablone kommt bei der PrintoLUX®-Quattro-Software zum Einsatz.




Hermann Oberhollenzer