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Printing Systems

  • Finer printed image (2 pl droplet size)
  • More power thanks to servo motors
  • Latest generation of printing units
  • Doubled cartridge capacity
  • Ink Supply System

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Description of the Printing System

This printing system meets all the demands set by industrial applications. The PrintoLUX®-FB-140/3000-plus is particularly suitable for special applications, such as front panels, housings and boards.

The high degree of automation not only results in outstanding comfort, but also fulfils protective functions. Operating errors that could lead to damages are prevented automatically.

The main feature of the latest printing systems is the easier operation (including on the printer driver). 

Thanks to the use of an additional servo motor, the maximum bearing weight is increased by more than 100 % to more than 5 kg.

The reduction in droplet size to 2 pl results in an even finer printed image. This means that extremely uniform gradients and half tones can be realised.

The use of light inks enables clean grey shading and a very large colour range. 

The doubled cartridge capacity (30 ml) means it makes economic sense to dispense with refilling of the cartridges in favour of replacing them as required. This thus prevents errors during manual refilling and the level indicator on the PC can be used.


Upgrading model PrintoLUX®-FB-140/3000-plus to PrintoLUX®-FB-500/3000-plus is possible at any time and costs 5,300 € net. Products up to a height of 500 mm can be printed with the PrintoLUX®-FB-500/3000-plus.


If a white print is required, the 3000er printing unit is changed with a 400er printing unit (PrintoLUX®-FB-140/400 or PrintoLUX®-FB-500/400). Also the RIP software is used.

For all possible system purchase options see customized applications.

Technical Data

Active printing surface up to max. 300 x 500 mm
Height adjustment Automatic through sensor technology/can be continuously adjusted from 0.1 to 140 mm; in special construction up to 500 mm
Printing technology Piezo inkjet technology, unidirectional and bidirectional
Resolution max. 5,760 x 1,440 dpi
Colours I Nine (PLX-hp-black, PLX-hp-black, PLX-hp-light-black, PLX-hp-light-light-black, PLX-hp-light-magenta, PLX-hp-light-cyan, PLX-hp-magenta, PLX-hp-cyan, PLX-hp-yellow)
Colour management I PrintoLUX® colour profiles for achieving defined colours (RAL, Pantone)
Colours II PLX-hp-cyan, PLX-hp-magenta, PLX-hp-yellow, PLX-hp-black, PLX-hp-white (4x)
Colour management II Own colour management with RIP software
Ink supply Nine cartridges with auto-reset chip; cost-efficient refill system with 26 ml units
Ink Highly pigmented, heat-curing, water-based special PrintoLUX® ink
Materials PrintoLUX® certified metals, plastics, foils
Interfaces USB 2.0 + IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
Weight approx. 35 kg
Dimensions 750 x 1,160 x 480 mm
Production PrintoLUX development with Epson printing mechanism
Operating systems Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, 10
Print handling Compatible for serial printing

Standard system components

  • Printing System Printing System


    • aktive Druckfläche: 300 x 500 mm
    • bedruckbare Materialstärken: von 0,1 bis 140 mm, im Sonderbau bis 500 mm
    • bedruckbares Material: PrintoLUX-zertifizierte Materialien aus Metall, Kunstoff, Folie
    • Ausstattung: wartungs- und servicefreundliches Wechsel-System
  • PLX-USB-Stick PLX-USB-Stick


    • Treiber
    • Farbprofil
    • Software
    • Symbole-Bibliothek
    • Handbücher




  • BarTender® BarTender®


  • Set of ink cartridges Set of ink cartridges

    9 Kartuschen mit Autoreset-Chip; 26 ml / Kartusche

  • USB cable USB cable

    Für die Verbindung des Druckers mit dem Computer / Laptop.

  • Adhesive mat Adhesive mat

    Spezialhaftmatte mit hoher Haftkraft zur Positionierung zu bedruckender Materialien.

  • Shipping package Shipping package

    PrintoLUX®-FB-140/3000-plus shipping package.


Hermann Oberhollenzer