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Prospective customers raise the question again and again about why we use our own software and do not rely on commercial software products. Here's our response: The possibilities our industrial labelling process offers are currently not available with any commercial software.

Popular engraving software offers certain basic functions, but fast and efficient access to key performance features requires an in-house configured solution that we offer with the PrintoLUX® Quattro software. Users benefit from this in particular when running a mail merge.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that our printing systems can be controlled and operated with all Windows-based program, which customers may already be using. That's why we always fundamentally recommend a discussion in person about the instances when the use of our software is advisable.

PrintoLUX®-Quattro Software

The direct route to great results. Use the PrintoLUX® Quattro software to control all PrintoLUX® printing systems.

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Seagull Bartender

Specialist software for pipe labels.

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Avery DesignPro 5.0 PrintoLUX®-Edition

Avery functional DesignPro 5.0 software is a standard for producing labels and signs.

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