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Fundamentally you can use any Windows-based software to control your PrintoLUX printing system. PrintoLUX® Quattro represents tailor-made software for efficient label production, simplifying your work and much appreciated by many PrintoLUX® users.

The standard BarTender software is supplementary to this and represents a recommended alternative in certain situations.

We have developed PrintoLUX® Quattro software to improve the efficiency of mail-merges, enabling the simultaneous printing of four sheets, and it is particularly ideal for speeding up output (mail merge).

Use the PrintoLUX® Quattro software to control all PrintoLUX® printing systems. The PrintoLUX®-FB-10/30-plus and FB-140-plus systems enable four label sheets loaded into the systems to be printed simultaneously, thereby quadrupling throughput.

The users of all other PrintoLUX® printing systems also benefit from this software developed to meet customer needs, as even the printing of single sheets is much easier and more efficient with pre-defined templates.

"Pre-defined template" means: the software includes all the standard PrintoLUX® formats. There is also an option for customers to incorporate any existing label formats into the template selection, where appropriate.

It is worth mentioning in this context that the software is also suitable for all earlier models of PrintoLUX®.


  • Print up to four simultaneously inserted PrintoLUX® label sheets in a single operation with the above printing systems.
  • PrintoLUX® sheet templates are pre-defined (select by format and/or article number)
  • Layout modifications are simple for users to perform (font size, colour, orientation)
  • Databases can be integrated (e.g. Excel tables)
  • Data filtering and positioning on the template with individual projects
  • Every PrintoLUX® sheet can be labelled separately (e.g. with information on the place of assembly)
  • Operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, 7, Vista, MacOSX

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            Hermann Oberhollenzer