Labelling with PrintoLUX®
Purchasing or renting

You decide how you want to utilise the PrintoLUX® process.


Buy a PrintoLUX® system

All of the PrintoLUX® process benefits at your site:

Unlimited availability in terms of time and location also at construction sites/installation locations.
Significant cost savings through process simplifications.
Signs and labels from metals, plastics and foil can be produced with a single process.
Coloured, photo-grade printing and printing of 2D codes (data matrix codes, QR codes) are possible without additional expenditure.
In serial printing, for example, over 10,000 aluminium cable signs
(12 x 60 mm) can be produced per day with the PrintoLUX®-STONE system.
They are mobile in use everywhere  label directly right at the construction site.
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Michel Flick
Procurement & Administration Director
I will be happy to advise you on purchase and rental price enquiries.
Phone: +49 (0)6233-6000-914

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Rent a PrintoLUX® system

Secure all advantages and keep costs manageable.

Your labelling needs are too low or just related to a project for a system purchase to pay off.

By renting (at least one months) you enjoy all process benefits without investment costs.

Further financing options, such as renting or leasing a PrintoLUX® system, are available on request.

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The PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE in the clever rental option.

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PrintoLUX® labelling system configurator

Configure the right labelling system to suit your needs in three simple steps.
You will be surprised which applications our method is suitable for!

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