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Purchase your own labelling requirements from the service printing by PrintoLUX, ready for installation:

You can have all our standard sign formats printed by us at short notice and at fair prices.

Our service for the complete production of your license plates

Our services

What you can expect from our service printing.
If you want to benefit from our complete production service, we offer the following:

No waiting times

Receive requested labels within two to three working days after having sent the corresponding data. We ship

Simply put: great and complete

You receive fully printed labels ready for installation, equipped and sorted how you use them. There is no simpler way.

High quality on certified materials

Metals, plastic, foil: select from 11 selected and certified sign materials. Many automotive companies have approved the PrintoLUX® labelling process including the obligatory use of our certified sign materials. All quality guarantees linked to the PrintoLUX® process require use of these materials.

This applies in particular to:

  • Excellent presentation quality of all label content, even on the smallest formats.
  • Illustration of 2D codes in very high quality.
  • Extraordinarily high durability of all labels produced with PrintoLUX®.
  • Test certificates from accredited laboratories and institutes document these quality standards.

Order processing

Our print services order processing:


Tell us what you need.



And receivce an offer immediately. 

Enter the required label content
in a PrintoLUX® Excel sheet as an
easy and convenient way to send
your data.

We thoroughly check incoming
data and query any unclear elements.

We produce and deliver labels in a
maximum of 2 to 3 days, as coordinated
for complex special orders.

Any questions?
Contact Ms Irina Spririn if you have any questions.


Details worth knowing

There are issues that are discussed particularly often within the context of requests and order processes associated with the PrintoLUX®
service printing process. Here’s all the information you need:

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In high demand

The following situations contribute to the fact that we are also in demand as a print service provider.


Large quantities

If mechanical and plant engineering companies require large quantities of cable tags and type plates, they might struggle to obtain them in time for installation. When you compare the costs for unprinted labels and fully printed labels, the difference is often not too great, so that it may be more cost-efficient to pay the surcharge and do away with in-house production altogether.


Short-term peaks in demand

In the event of short-term peaks in demand or other unexpected situations (staff on holidays, illness) PrintoLUX customers frequently opt for our offer to take care of any label production processes. In this process, all of them realise that we can help
cover demands for these situations thanks to reliable printing services.


Minor, temporary demand for labels

Some small and medium-sized mechanical engineering companies and other producing companies do not have such a great demand for labels. In these companies it would make
little economic sense to produce all labels in-house. We also offer to take care of all production processes to customers from this segment.


Trust PrintoLUX® expertise

Quite a number of PrintoLUX customers who have commissioned us to produce the labels they use have made the experience that "... PrintoLUX is a professional company you can rely on."
Said customers benefit from our expertise and are not forced to establish in-house labelling facilities.

Your contact persons

If you have any questions regarding order processing, please contact Ms Irina Spirin.
Irina Spirin
Administration & Logistics
Do you have any questions about service printing?
We will be happy to advise you without obligation.
Phone: +49 (0)6233-6000-915

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Would you like advice on service printing or further information on our special conditions? Mr Flick will be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.
Michel Flick
Procurement & Administration Director
Do you have any questions about service printing?
We will be happy to advise you without obligation.
Phone: +49 (0)6233-6000-963

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