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Technical, business-related and miscellaneous questions.

  • What media can be printed on with PrintoLUX® systems?

    Metals, plastics and films. See list of materials.

  • Are PrintoLUX® printing systems suitable for large production runs?

    Yes. Our systems offer a highly robust and economical option for large production runs.

  • Can PrintoLUX® systems be integrated into manufacturing processes?

    Yes, this is one of their strengths. See PrintoLUX® advantages.

  • What is the largest size of print medium that can be printed with PrintoLUX®?

    300 x 500 mm, with a flexible height of up to 140 mm.

  • What is the PrintoLUX® modular replacement system?

    This refers to the ability to easily and quickly replace the printer unit on the PrintoLUX® FB-140, which simplifies ink replacement, servicing and inspection while also reducing costs. This helps optimize operational availability,

  • What does the PrintoLUX® color management system do?

    The PrintoLUX® color management system can be used to simulate RAL or Pantone colors.

  • Does PrintoLUX® offer UL-certified materials?

    Yes.  Click here. 

    If you still have questions, or if the medium you are looking for is not shown, we will be happy to answer your questions directly: Tel. +49(0)6223-6000-902

  • What is meant by “Material pre-treated with PrintoLUX®-Pretreatment plus”?

    Pre-treatment with the PrintoLUX®-Pretreatment plus solution cleans the surface of metals and other printing materials, and ensures the anti-run qualities of the ink. A special additive accelerates burn-in and/or optimizes adhesion of ink to the surface.

  • How long do the effects of the pre-treatment last?

    If the materials are stored properly (dry and free of dust and grease), the pre-treatment will last for several months. If renewed pre-treatment is becomes necessary due to incorrect storage conditions, surfaces can be readily cleaned by the user using an airbrush or simply a lint-free cloth.

  • Can users pre-treat the material themselves?

    Yes, using the CATS+ pre-treatment solution supplied by PrintoLUX®.

  • What is meant by “ready-to-use material”?

    PrintoLUX® supplies ready-to-use material with its systems. "Ready-to-use" applies to all elements (desired media quality and form, printer-ready label sheets and pre-treated surfaces).

  • Can the PrintoLUX® system be used with user-supplied material?

    Yes, but the material must be inspected by PrintoLUX®, on a fee for service basis, to determine that they are suitable for use with our systems.

  • What does PrintoLUX® do to maximize operational availability and prevent downtime?

    The PrintoLUX® process is based on simple and robust components that are not susceptible to breakdown. In this way the risk of downtime is minimized.

  • Why does the ink status display on my computer not coincide with the actual amount of ink in the ink cartridges?

    The auto-reset chip integrated into the ink cartridges acts as an early warning system to prevent the cartridges from being completely emptied. Once the ink in the cartridge has reached a certain level, the ink status display on the PC jumps to 100% to remind the user to refill the cartridge.
    The PrintoLUX® chip-based refill system is designed to prevent having to replace the ink cartridge, because cartridge replacement always takes extra time and uses up more material. Refill cartridges also cost more than our refill bottles. Our customers appreciate the opportunity to save time and money and reduce their consumption of throwaway materials.

  • Why does the “glossy” function have to be turned off in the printer driver?

    Our printer units have 8 ink cartridges. Seven are filled with ink, while the eighth is empty. If the "glossy" function is turned on, the printer head will draw air from this cartridge, resulting in malfunctioning of printer jets.

  • Can PrintoLUX® systems be leased?

    Yes. For more details, please call us.

  • What is a PrintoLUX® complete starter package?

    The complete starter package is a compact system that allows you to independently create all of the printed materials you require and smoothly integrate the printing process into your company's production line.

  • Does PrintoLUX® deliver outside of Germany?


  • Why does PrintoLUX® require pre-payment from all first-time customers and for orders from outside of Germany?

    This saves us from having to spend extra time and money on collection and possible legal proceedings.

  • What should I do if I get ink on my clothing?

    Never use warm or hot water to try to remove ink from clothing. Because PrintoLUX®'s environmentally-friendly ink is water-soluble, it can be rinsed out using cold running water. Hot water acts has a thermo-hardener and will permanently set the ink onto your clothing.