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On-site PrintoLUX training

We visit You or You visit us.

Training programs held at our customer's premises have proven to be very beneficial in practice. This saves you travel time and serveral staff members can be included in the training without problem. In addition this allows incorporating the concrete requirement of on-site situations in the training sessions.

Some customers travel to us in Frankenthal for training. You will be able to gain personal impressions of our company and have an opportunity to get to know all PrintoLUX® printing systems and other process components.

We charge an hourly rate of 95.00 € for our training programs. If training sessions are held at our customer's premises on site, the cost for travel (55.00 €/hour travel time) as well as lump-sum mileage reimbursement (0.75 €/km) needs to be added.

Online PrintoLUX training

Everyone stays put: Online worldwide.

This option suggests itself for large geographic distances. When our mobile systems are used for the first time for example in international plant construction we can familiarize all operators with the process via TeamViewer. This option has proven itself in practice and does not require much more time than training on site.

PrintoLUX telephone support

We assist you with advice and action: Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

In the area of industrial labelling any device downtime means added costs. Quick assistance with porblems is therefore very important. Our free telephone support together with remote maintenance via the Internet offers the opporunity of quick help. Most problems can be solved this way.

We use Teamviewer software. Upon request, we will send you an e-mail with the software that you will need to install on your computer, or you can join an online Netviewer support session by clicking the link below and entering the number given by one of our customer support team.

Teamviewer also has a module incorporating webcam capabilities. This enables customers to show us various things directly on the printer, or vice versa. We use the “Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000” webcam.

On-site Customer Support

For specialised consultation, satisfaction, and personal care.

Our most important indicator of quality is the satisfaction of our customers. This is why we give you the opportunity of having our staff visit you personally at your own premises.
Thanks to an on-site analysis of the practical application of PrintoLUX®, we can help you to optimise your processes even further. This service has proven extremely popular with our customers to date. You too can take advantage of this service - simply contact us to arrange an appointment.


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