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Cost savings  with the PrintoLUX® process

PrintoLUX® embodies the motto without competition:
"One process for all labels".

Simply cost-effective!

Save over 50 % with the PrintoLUX® process.

Learn more about the cost-effectiveness of the PrintoLUX® process in this video.

System labels with the PrintoLUX® process:
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Cost savings

The key factors that have made PrintoLUX® successful in a short period of time are astonishing quality and major cost savings. The cost savings that can be achieved with our process relate to several dimensions.

With all its systems and components, this industrial labelling process is designed in such a way that it outperforms all conventional sign and licence plate printing processes in terms of effort and ease of use. This advantage is already evident when printing small quantities.

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Low acquisition costs

The initial investment in a PrintoLUX system is manageable and quickly amortised. The economically relevant cost advantage can be generated by integrating the PrintoLUX® process into the user's process flow.

The case for such an integration speaks for itself:

  • Simple handling of the process after brief instruction requires no skilled personnel
  • Just-in-time production eliminates delivery times
  • In-house production saves costs for suppliers, logistics, accounting, complaints, post-production, etc.

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Producing labels with the PrintoLUX® process pays for itself in a very short time.


Compared to the usual costs for the production and assembly of industrial license plates, the PrintoLUX® process can achieve savings of over 50 percent in some cases.

The following factors explain this high savings potential:

One for all

PrintoLUX® embodies the motto without competition:
"One process for all labels".


The flexibility of our process with regard to the shield material to be used puts an end to the complex juxtaposition of several processes in one company.


The path from the order to the finished label cannot be completed as quickly with any other industrial process as with PrintoLUX®.

Simply ingenious

The handling and operation of the PrintoLUX® process is so simple that no specialist personnel is required. Some of our customers use PrintoLUX® to produce their labels in their apprentice workshops.


The use of a label sheet allows a high number of multiple-ups per operation.

Low acquisition costs

The initial investment in a workable system including
of all components is cheaper with PrintoLUX® than with other modern manufacturing processes (e.g. laser engraving).

Labels "on demand".

If labels have to be replaced or renewed at short notice, the usual waiting for subsequent deliveries with our mobile systems has now come to an end. 

Simplified installation

The flexible sign holders developed by PrintoLUX, as well as the mounting variant of adhesive bonding further developed by us, simplify the mounting of labels and save even more time and money.

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