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Cost Savings

The key factors that have led to the rapid success of PrintoLUX® are amazing quality and great cost savings. Our printing systems save you money in several ways.

The PrintoLUX® industrial labelling process, with all of the equipment, software and other components that go with it, is faster to set up and easier to operate than any other system currently on the market. This translates into savings, even if only small runs are printed.

The initial investment in a PrintoLUX® system is very reasonable and the system will pay for itself within a short time. From a business point of view, the greatest cost advantage is obtained by integrating a PrintoLUX® system into the user's production process.

This is due to the following benefits:

  • Simple handling of the system after a short introduction, eliminating the need for specially trained personnel.
  • Just in time production eliminates waiting times.
  • In-house production saves money for suppliers, logistics, bookkeeping, product returns, repeat production etc. 


  • You only have to store blank signs and labels.
  • All content is printed at the same time (text, graphics, variables).
  • Colour printing at no additional cost.
  • Considerably reduced logistical expenses.
  • Content can be altered at any time.
  • No specialist personnel needed to operate our systems.
  • The PrintoLUX® process offers a high level of reliability.
  • Our flatbed printers are developed in Germany and manufactured in Austria following the principle of Made-in-Germany
  • Maintenance and servicing are carried out by our own staff
  • In case of misprints, the ink can be washed off from the substrate with cold water. The substrate can then be re-used after cleaning and repeat pre-treatment.
  • Training and servicing by our own personnel - on site or via remote maintenance.
  • All materials are supplied ready to use or on printer-ready sheets.
  • Our process enables you to print directly on a wide variety of materials, including aluminium, stainless steel and a wide range of plastics and foils.
  • Create a unified look for all of your signs and labels.
  • Our certified materials are tested for wear-resistance using all current test methods.
  • Our water-based ink is environmentally friendly (no material safety data sheet required).



Just Perfect!

The video briefly shows how the PrintoLUX® process works.


Hermann Oberhollenzer

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