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Individual sign shapes

Many PrintoLUX® customers purchase sign formats from us differing from the standard formats listed in the catalogue. We produce any format here up to max. 320 x 540 mm from PrintoLUX®-certified materials. The maximum format referred to will be printed exclusively with the PrintoLUX®-FB-10/2000 print system.

We employ the following processes when producing custom formats according to the quality required:

Because tooling costs are involved, this technique makes sense from annual quantities of 2,500 and more and for formats with small tolerance play. Our basic tools allow us to manufacture economically priced application tools for sign dimensions up to 100 x 150 mm. Our customers will pay a one-time usage charge and can then use these application tools without any time limit and additional maintenance expenses.

Manual cutting
This technique is ideally used when small and very small volumes (from 1 piece) do not justify developing a punching tool. Larger tolerances (approx. factor 10 compared to punching with +/- 0.5 mm) must be assumed here. Holes and corner radii are also custom-designed.

Signs with quantities from 50 pieces are manufactured by milling. This labour-intensive technique features the smallest tolerances.

Any desired process
Practically any processing method can be used when manufacturing special formats, regardless of the method mentioned. Whether openings, pointed or round corners, custom shapes, etc. ... no problem, even for small or very small volumes. If necessary, we prepare the custom formats also with different adhesives and apply them to our sheets for efficient printing.

Take advantage of good advice
To keep costs within a justifiable scope when preparing and printing custom sign formats,we assist our customers with comprehensive advice and demonstrate the most economic method and procedure for the desired quality grades and quantities.

Delivery times differ according to the production method and finishing.

Example of cost overview for producing the format 50 x 100 x 1 mm, AE, aluminium with two holes, rounded corners, not self-adhesive (without material costs and costs for preparation on sheets)

Milling: Price per unit 1.86 € (plus 100 € set-up costs, at a minimum volume of 50 pieces)

Cutting: Price per unit 2.10 € (lump-sum processing charge of 35 €, regardless of volume)

Punching: Price per unit 0.375 € (plus 90 € set-up costs, volume from 2.500 pieces; one-time tooling costs 1,450 €)


Thorsten Wohninsland