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Special-purpose applications

The specific benefits of the PrintoLUX® process over conventional methods are gradually gaining awareness of industrial users. This applies in particular to the area of standardised formats and common fields of usage.

PrintoLUX® is increasingly utilised, though, for industrial special-purpose applications and outside the industry sector as well. Its outstanding flexibility is an added plus of the PrintoLUX® process. In our role as system provider we are able to quickly adapt to demands required by the market. The clear height of up to 500 mm, possible with PrintoLUX® for enclosures and other objects to be printed, serves as an example. The use of our transparent ink allows additional special applications.

Some examples

  • Manufacturers of light switches and sockets offer free design options to their customers, e.g. wallpaper décor, photographic images or functional themes: Completely new options become available to customers, designers or architects.
  • Manufacturers of elevators who have decided to fabricate their own control panels in elevator cars and desiring more design options than possible through mechanical engraving.
  • Businesses from the electrics industry realise design options uncharted so far for the front panels of electrical appliances.
  • Watch manufacturers and jewellers printing the clock faces individually, or designing high-end cuff links as one of a kind items.

Add to this other industrial applications such as scales, front panels, printing of complete enclosures, etc. The carrier materials certified by PrintoLUX® are normally not used here requiring extensive material suitability studies. We perform them thoroughly upon customer request followed by presenting an offer.

  • Petroleum companies who want to make printed covers of fuel nozzles available to petrol station operators to function as additional advertising areas. PrintoLUX® facilitates marked quality increases with the design of themes.

When custom applications are needed, be it unusual marking inserts or printing materials preferred by customers, the inventor of the PrintoLUX® process, Peter Jakob, acts as competent and committed contact. His comprehensive knowledge of material properties and large technical expertise make him an excellent and solution-focused application consultant. "Can't be done" does not belong to Peter Jakob's vocabulary.

Our hint:
A special form of custom application relates to the regular inquiry of customer material usage feasibility. Inadequate durability of these materials compared to other materials certified by PrintoLUX® can be offset in many cases by applying our transparent ink. This measure does not require any additional effort.


Peter Jakob