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ISO 9001 certified

PrintoLUX GmbH has been certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015.

Since January 2015, PrintoLUX GmbH has been certified according to
EN ISO 9001:2008. Certification was renewed in February 2021 as "ISO 9001:2015"
and will be valid until 16 February 2024. This globally recognised standard comprehensively defines the criteria required for quality management in operation. It confirms that all processes carried out within a company meet high quality demands.

Clearly defined processes ensure quality and high performance
As there were no demands from our customers regarding ISO certification, it is not immediately clear why we should have put ourselves through the certification process – with all the costs and time expenditure it entails.

Our motivation for doing so is easy to explain. Bringing all in-house processes in line as part of the certification is a good way of ensuring and improving our quality standards. The audits which are then carried out annually following certification are each structured differently and ensure that we also maintain and improve our performance.

A company with ISO 9001 certification defines clear regulations that are easily understandable for each member of staff. These specify who is responsible for which quality-related tasks and processes and which approaches have to be adhered to in implementing them. The standard requires a control loop that ensures constant development as part of a continuous improvement process (CIP). This then makes sure that personal commitment towards quality is not a flash in the pan, but instead is put into everyday practice by each individual employee.

When in-house structures and processes are defined in a clear and transparent way, this offers all employees comprehensible orientation and peace of mind. A uniform high quality is much easier for a team to achieve according to the benchmarks set out as part of certification as opposed to in-house directives.


How our customers benefit from PrintoLUX® certification:

  • Additional peace of mind as to the performance and reliability of our company.
  • Objective proof of the uniform high quality of PrintoLUX®-certified materials.
  • An additional, strong argument for the use of the PrintoLUX® process during discussions on possible investments.
  • A guarantee that the use of the PrintoLUX® process is an innovative and trendsetting way of creating and manufacturing labels.
Thorsten Wohninsland
Deputy Head of Manufacturing& Development | Quality Manager
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