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Simplifying Processes And Optimising Process Costs

Some practical examples highlight the advantages of PrintoLUX® in terms of efficiency and costs.

Customer 1:

This company replaced its engraving system for in-house cable tag production with two PrintoLUX®-Basic systems. Whereas it was previously possible to produce 800 cable tags per day with one member of staff, this volume has now increased to 6,500 tags per day with the same workload.

Customer 2:

As part of commissioning at this company, around 10 to 15 percent of the respective labels used are subject to replacement (loss, damage, new content etc.). Until now, the requirements were recorded and then sent to the supplier for repeat production. A subsequent delivery could then be made two to three days later, at the earliest. With a mobile PrintoLUX®-Basic system, the labels can now be created directly on site and replaced immediately by the installers.

Customer 3:

A manufacturer of special machines and systems uses around 100 description signs of all different types for each job. As these signs are not available as a package and the requirements are only seen step by step according to the progress of the job, this resulted in significant administration costs and shortfalls in terms of just-in-time production when purchasing from a service provider. All of these problems have been solved thanks to the PrintoLUX®-FB-140, which has now been in place for 12 months.

Customer 4:

A machine and plant constructor uses a pad printing process for the in-house production of type plates. The plates used are permanently subjected to challenging conditions in the form of oil and heat. This resulted in premature deficiencies in the legibility of the signs, meaning the company then looked for an alternative solution. These problems could be solved thanks to the PrintoLUX® FB-3 system. The durability of the print means all costs associated with removal, spare parts acquisition and reassembly could be saved.


Hermann Oberhollenzer