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Since 2007, we have been able to demonstrate to many customers - of all sizes - of the benefits of our industrial labelling process.
This page contains a selection of customer testimonials.
Our process is a modern yet also technically mature version of heat-curing digital printing. The components used in the process (especially inks, stove enamels and substrate materials) contribue significantly to its success.

“We use both laser engraving technology and the PrintoLUX® process for manufacturing nameplates. When it comes to a high-quality typeface and a good display quality of even the smallest typography, we experience the process as being vastly superior."

Company: Trench Germany GmbH
Industry: High voltage products
Name: Michael Gaber
Position: Engineer in the Research & Development division

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"We use labelling in the range of 1/10 milimetre. We consider the fact that a data matrix code can still be well read a special performance characteristic of the PrintoLUX process."

Company: ELESTA GmbH Bad Ragaz, Schweiz
Sector: electrical engeneering
Names: Fabian Cortesi, Daniel Kündig
Position: Process developers

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"As internationally active machine manufaturer we also produce labelling with Cinese characters. The PrintoLUX® process achieves this much faster than engraving"

Company: Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG
Sector: machinery manufacturing
Name: Jürgen Schätzle
Position: Manager of electrical assembly

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“This is exactly the labelling process I was looking for – my initial scepticism soon turned into satisfaction at the easy-to-use and efficient process.”

Company: Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg
Sector: Reserch and education
Name: Frank Wrhel
Position: Responsible for construction and testing devices

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“Very easy to use!”

Comany: Helmut Schmidt University of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg
Sector: Reserch and education
Name: Alexander Peters
Position: Electrotechnical developer

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"The PrintoLUX® process has enabled us to significantly improve a key variable in our project business: If labelling signs need to be corrected at project handover, we can do this without any delay."

Sector: Automation
Name: Andreas Schmücker
Position: Head of Production

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“The process is simple and saves time.”

Company: Güdel Controls GmbH
Branch: Automation Technology
Name: Rudolf Steinmetz (Ing.)
Position: Project Manager

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“Just-in-time production means extra money in our pockets.”

Company: ThyssenKrupp Engineering GmbH
Branch: Engineering
Name: Jörg Schreier
Position: Designer - Pneumatics & Hydraulics

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“After switching to the PrintoLUX system, we have been able to achieve cost savings of between 30% and 40%.”

Company: Hegenscheidt MFD
Branch: Mechanical Engineering
Name: Silke Bartsch
Position: Head of Design Administration

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“The system can be used in a range of applications and the colours offer us a whole host of possibilities.”

Company: Graveur Morell
Branch: Engraving
Name: Udo Morell
Position: Managing Director

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“When compared to all other conservative systems, digital direct printing with the PrintoLUX system offers significant advantages in terms of time savings and outstanding scratch resistance.”

Company: GSV Gottfried GmbH
Branch: Labelling
Name: Niclas Gottfried
Position: Managing Partner

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“Throughput times have been drastically reduced. Ordering processes and assembly times are now a thing of the past.”

Company: Bosch Rexroth AG
Branch: Drive and control technology
Name: Timm Bartmann
Position: Production planner

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“The system allows us to react quickly and flexibly to changing requirements – something which is almost a daily occurrence.”

Company: University of Kaiserslautern
Branch: Educational institution
Name: Hammer
Position: Workshop manager

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“The system delivers exceptional printing quality on a range of different materials, is easy to handle and – following our own laboratory tests – also appears to be perfectly suited in terms of durability.”

Company: Freudenberg Business Group
Branch: Various Industries
Name: Dr. Rainer Kuntz
Position: Head of Training Centre and Personnel Development

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Hermann Oberhollenzer