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For signs and labelling applications in industrial facilities.


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PrintoLUX® is an industrial labelling process used for the cost-efficient production of durable signs and labels.
Using this patented process, PrintoLUX®-certified materials made from metals and plastics can be digitally printed with industrial-class durability.

The video briefly shows how the PrintoLUX® process works.
The industrial labelling process is globally unique and can replace existing methods such as screen printing, engraving, anodic printing, laser etching and plotting in many application areas. 

Aside from the sign materials, the most important process components are special printing systems, highly pigmented inks, pre-treatment products, and heating units for curing the print. Heat-curing digital printing is primarily used in industrial applications where there is a high demand for signs and labels. The process is used extensively in the automotive, mechanical engineering, energy and chemical/pharmaceutical industries, in particular as the production of signs and labels is easier, quicker, more flexible and more cost-efficient with the PrintoLUX® process.
The PrintoLUX® process is versatile, efficient and easy to implement. After just a short familiarisation period, label production can be done as easily as normal printing. And let's not forget one of the biggest advantages of the PrintoLUX® process you can use the process yourself in order to print your own labels for your industrial facilities and machines, thus ensuring optimised processes and "just-in-time" production.

Convincing figures

The profitability of labelling has come under
increasing scrutiny by users.

7,000 pieces

The PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE can print up to 7,000 cable labels per day.

EUR 0.003

Ink costs for a 12 x 60 mm AE cable sign, printed area approx. 20 %.

EUR 0.0084

Working time required (12 x 60 mm AE cable shield) with PrintoLUX®-FB-20/400-STONE; hourly rate: EUR 50.

Cost-effectiveness of the PrintoLUX process

Ingenious simple!

Applying the PrintoLUX® process


Low work effort

  • The process is uncomplicated and fast. It requires no set-up times and no follow-up times.
  • During the printing process itself, the principle of the label sheets ensures a significant increase in efficiency and an optimization of the ratio between working time and produced quantities.

A short briefing is enough

  • After a few hours of instruction, your employees can take over license plate production with PrintoLUX® systems.
  • Labelling with PrintoLUX® is easy to handle. The proven PrintoLUX telephone support is available for questions that arise during work.

Windows-based software

  • Our uncomplicated software enables the efficient handling of data and the printing process.
  • PrintoLUX® printing systems can be controlled from all Windows-based applications, such as Word, Excel, CorelDRAW® or Adobe Photoshop®.

Environment and health

  • The PrintoLUX® process saves the user any protective devices.
  • The water-based inks and all other components used in our process have been tested by renowned testing institutes to ensure that they are harmless to health.
  • No noise emissions whatsoever: all PrintoLUX® systems are also suitable for use in office environments.

What required a great deal of manual work in conventional labelling processes can be carried out effortlessly and quickly with the PrintoLUX® software-controlled process. 

PrintoLUX product overview

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"We use markings in the 1/10 millimeter range. We see the fact that a DataMatrix code can be easily deciphered as a special feature of the PrintoLUX® process."

Daniel Kündig, Fabian Cortesi
Elektrotechniker, ELESTA GmbH Bad Ragaz, Schweiz

“After switching to the PrintoLUX® system, we have been able to achieve cost savings of between 30% and 40%.”

Silke Bartsch
Leiterin Administration der Konstruktion, Hegenscheidt MFD

"As internationally active machine manufaturer we also produce labelling with Cinese characters. The PrintoLUX® process achieves this much faster than engraving"

Jürgen Schätzle
Leiter der Elektromontager, Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG

"We use laser engraving and the PrintoLUX® process to produce type plates in parallel. When it comes to a high quality typeface and a good representation of the smallest typography, we experience the process as highly superior".

Michael Gaber
Konstrukteur im Bereich Forschung & Entwicklung, Trench Germany GmbH

"I was looking for such a labelling method: easy to use and efficient. My initial scepticism has turned into satisfied routine."

Frank Wrehl
Elektroniker, Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Heidelberg

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