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    Industrial labelling in the automotive


    Active on the market since our first year. We have been involved in numerous projects in Germany's most important industrial sector and one of the most important worldwide since 2009. We supply plant construction as well as OEMs directly for new projects, integrations or maintenance measures.


    The challenges

    The properties of the labels is usually specified by the manufacturer.

    Not all manufacturing processes for the production of labels are approved.

    Deviations from the given guidelines must be agreed with the end customer in advance.

    The labels require a high degree of resistance to solvents and mechanical influences.

    Contents are becoming more and more challenging. The use of colour elements and bar and 2D codes (e. g. QR or data matrix code) requires a higher functionality of the manufacturing process.

    Our solution approach

    Our portfolio already includes numerous standard formats from different manufacturers (click here for an overview).

    The PrintoLUX® process has already been approved by numerous OEMs. Many labelling directives already exist. New directives can be implemented promptly.

    On request, we will be happy to coordinate with your end customer when it comes to questions about approval, adaptation requirements or other labelling issues.

    We achieve resistance to solvents, acids and mechanical loads with our industry-standard results.

    Challenging content is exactly our profession. The flexibility of digital printing offers extensive possibilities for laying out texts, colours, photos, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes (e.g. QR and Datamatrix).

    The automotive industry and PrintoLUX

    For more than ten years, we have been supplying labelling systems as well as ready for assembly labels to machine and plant manufacturers in the automotive industry as well as directly to OEMs.

    We are already represented in Germany and internationally by the following manufacturer's brands:

    • Audi
    • BMW
    • Daimler
    • Jaguar Land Rover
    • Opel
    • Porsche
    • Seat
    • Škoda
    • Tesla
    • Volkswagen
    Do you have projects with other manufacturers?

    We would be happy to expand our labelling standards to meet your project needs. Please feel free to contact us directly.

    Operating equipment label
    AE, Aluminium, 15 x 50 mm (e.g. Audi)
    Cable tags
    mounted with cable tie
    Button panels
    mounted on switch console
    Cable tag
    AE, Aluminium, 12 x 60 mm (e.g. BMW)
    Operating equipment label
    AE, Aluminium, 15 x 30 mm with DataMatrix code
    Plant labelling
    multilingual with Chinese characters
    Plant labelling
    Series production of a service order
    AE, Aluminium, 15 x 50 mm (z.B. Audi)
    mit Kabelbinder montiert
    an Schaldkonsole montiert
    AE, Aluminium, 12 x 60 mm (z. B. BMW)
    AE, Aluminium, 15 x 30 mm mit DataMatrix Code
    mehrsprachig mit chinesischen Schriftzeichen
    Serienproduktion eines Dienstleistungsauftrags

    Further information


    Format overviews automotive

    We will be happy to send you our format overviews of individual manufacturers on request.

    You can find all our standard formats and other documents here.


    PrintoLUX® labelling systems

    Produce your individual labelling requirements for the automotive industry independently with PrintoLUX®.


    We are also a service provider

    We offer ready for assembly labelling for the automotive industry directly through our services division TAG it easy.

    Have you met the new one?

    With our new development, the PrintoLUX Signo, we are launching a new era in industrial labelling.


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