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    Industrial labelling in the mechanical

    Mechanical engineering

    Germany's mechanical and plant engineering industry ranks third worldwide with a total share of about 11 %. Since our company was founded, we have been working with manufacturers in Germany as well as internationally Through years of cooperation, we have developed solid partnerships with service providers, large companies and some medium-sized companies, including "hidden champions".


    The challenges

    Labels require a high resistance to cleaning agents, acids and mechanical influences.

    The labelling contents are challenging. The use of colour elements and bar and 2D codes (e.g. QR or data matrix code) requires a higher functionality of the manufacturing process.

    All in all, a wide range of label formats is required, as well as special formats in different material designs.

    Short-term changes to the end product result in changes to the labelling requirements, which in many cases must be available at short notice.

    The production of one's own individual labelling needs usually requires several labelling systems to cover the requirements for material, content and durability.

    Our solution approach

    With the PrintoLUX® process, we achieve high resistance to solvents, acids and mechanical loads, and thus industry-standard results.

    Colours, logos, graphics, 2D codes such as QR or Datamatrix. There are hardly any limits to our digital technology.

    Our standard portfolio includes a variety of formats in different material designs.

    Thanks to just-in-time production, labelling can be produced at short notice without long procurement channels.

    One labelling system for everything. Up to 11 materials ranging from metals, foils and plastics can be used with PrintoLUX® in labelling production.

    More information

    Good cooperation pays off. This is what we have been doing for years with our business partners, most of whom come from the broad field of mechanical engineering. Together we have adapted our range of products to the needs of this industry and orientate ourselves to the new requirements of this branch of industry when developing new offers.

    We position ourselves as a long-term partner and are proud to be part of the big picture by contributing to your project.

    We would be happy to advise you on your requirements and all other matters relating to labelling during a non-binding initial consultation.

    Plant labelling
    Multilingual with Chinese characters
    Machine labelling
    Information and operating equipment labels mounted on the machine
    Cable tags
    mounted with cable tie
    Housing insulating material
    medium width, printed on 2 sides
    Plant labelling
    Multilingual with Chinese characters
    Button panels
    mounted on switch console
    mehrsprachig mit chinesischen Schriftzeichen
    Hinweis- und Betriebsmittelkennzeichen auf Maschine montiert
    mit Kabelbinder montiert
    mittlere Breite, 2-seitig bedruckt
    mehrsprachig mit chinesischen Schriftzeichen
    an Schaltkonsole montiert

    Further information


    Format overview Mechanical engineering

    Our document with all standard labels and fastenings can be found here:


    PrintoLUX® labelling systems

    Produce your individual labelling requirements for the mechanical engineering industry independently with PrintoLUX®.


    We are also a service provider

    We offer ready for assembly labelling with different fastening systems for your project directly through our services division TAG it easy an.

    Have you met the new one?

    With our new development, the PrintoLUX Signo, we are launching a new era in industrial labelling.


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