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You can download our durability brochures for all certified PrintoLUX® materials in PDF format.


Maximum quality and durability.

Many of our customers praise the high durability and good presentation quality of the labels produced with our industrial labelling process. These results can be achieved when the PrintoLUX® sign material, which has been extensively tested and found suitable, is used.
For the certification of the material used by us we use a large expenditure of time and personnel:

First of all, we select from the variety of potentially suitable materials those that are suitable for our process due to their specific properties. The selected materials are then subjected to extensive tests in which further exclusions are made or the material is refined, for example our special baking enamel for metals.

Certification only takes place when undoubted test results are achieved. Each certified material must have the properties required to make an effective contribution to the high quality of the overall process. We have already come a long way in the matter of materials, but of course we are still looking for further optimisations.


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