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    We are happy to provide you with the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

    General information

    What are the essential components of the PrintoLUX® process?
    What are the main advantages of using the PrintoLUX® process?
    When is the PrintoLUX® process useful and meaningfully to use?
    What are the maximum formats that can be produced with the PrintoLUX® process?

    Inks & pre-treatments

    What is the difference between PrintoLUX® and digital printing that uses UV-curable ink?
    What to do if ink gets on clothes?
    What tasks does the PrintoLUX® pre-treatment perform?
    How long does the PrintoLUX® pre-treatment last after application?


    What is special about our certified materials?
    Which materials can be printed with the PrintoLUX® systems?
    Is it possible that a PrintoLUX® labelling system also prints on materials which are not PrintoLUX® certified materials?
    Does PrintoLUX offer UL certified materials?

    Services & Deliveries

    Can PrintoLUX® labels also be used outdoors?
    How can simple user questions be solved/answered quickly and easily?
    Does PrintoLUX also deliver abroad?


    Is special software required?
    How can data be traded for serial production?

    Labelling systems

    Are PrintoLUX® labelling systems suitable for series production?
    Can the PrintoLUX® process display 2D codes (QR codes, DataMatrix codes)?

    Do you have any further questions?

    Please let us know if your questions have not yet been answered or have not been answered sufficiently.
    We will be happy to take care of your request.