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    Labelling consulting

    Together with you, we will implement the industrial medium labelling in your company in a holistic manner.
    You decide – we manage the rest.

    Your labelling guideline can look like this:

    Your Individualised Labelling Guideline

    Together with you, we define clear lines for standardising the labelling requirements in your company.

    We admit, there are better things than dealing with the organisation of label procurement, because this topic can quickly become complex: Many formats, different suppliers and insufficient specifications regarding the contents can lead to more effort than actually necessary. That is why we are happy to support you in this challenge.

    Better less diversity:
    With a labelling directive, you establish clearly defined directives and create a holistic appearance. Reduction and specification of formats, fastening options and many other properties of individual needs are mapped in one document available to all.

    Better defined content:
    Fixed layout and clear positioning of elements and font create a quicker overview and grasp of the content for everyone. Greater clarity during assembly and faster response during troubleshooting.

    One ordering process, fewer suppliers:
    Sourcing as much of your needs as possible from one supplier creates lean processes and reduces the ordering effort. In addition, fixed prices and conditions create clarity in cost calculation.

    And because sometimes every minute counts:
    We are also happy to arrange flexible order processing with express delivery. Direct to the construction site, if you like.

    Your benefits:


    • Standardisation of internal labelling
    • Use of comprehensively defined directives
    • Documentation of label variants/equipment, and design
    • Creation of uniformity throughout the company


    • Responsibilities within the company are defined
    • Manufacturing and procurement processes are listed
    • Creation of efficiency in purchasing and logistics
    • Centralisation and harmonisation

    Quality Assurance

    • Labels to be used are clearly defined
      (also across locations)
    • Inclusion of the corporate design
      (colours, logos etc.)
    • Clear identification of content
    • Fast reaction in case of e.g. additional labelling

    Define labelling needs

    With the iWiK app developed by PrintoLUX, you can easily find out how best to cover your labelling needs.


    Everything too theoretical?

    Download the labelling directives example of the
    Think Green GmbH here.

    labelling directive

    3 steps to success

    Industrial medium labelling can also be implemented in your company in 3 simple steps. So what are you waiting for – let's do it together!



    The labelling situation with its specifications and procedures is different in every company. Together with you, we define your labelling needs and plan your individual labelling strategy. All relevant company divisions are taken into account.



    After defining your labelling needs, we start working on your company-specific labelling directive. Here, all relevant specifications are recorded in a document for all to see.



    In order to make the implementation in your company as efficient as possible, we provide the appropriate ideas. The developed labelling directive always remains dynamic – updates are possible at any time. Benefit from our experience and the possibilities of new innovations.

    You still have questions?

    Do you have any questions about developing your individual labelling strategy? We will be happy to advise you without obligation.


    You have (extensive) questions or need further information material. Send us an e-mail and we will reply promptly.


    Some things can be explained better in a personal conversation. Arrange a callback and we will get back to you.