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Advances in technology are rarely the result of a single, dramatic discovery or innovation. Most often it is many incremental improvements, the sum of which leads to something new and better. At PrintoLUX®, we focus on the continuous improvement of operational processes and production methods. Our speciality is signmaking and labelling technology.
From small businesses to large corporations, the PrintoLUX® industrial labelling process is gaining satisfied and enthusiastic customers by setting new standards in service and quality.

About Us

Founded in 2008, PrintoLUX® GmbH has made substantial progress thanks to the development of a new process for producing signs and labels.

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Customer service is one of the biggest factors in the success of PrintoLUX®. It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our team.

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The PrintoLUX® process is already in use at many companies in Germany and around the world.

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In order to meet our outstanding quality demands, PrintoLUX® relies on carefully selected partners who are there to support our business in a range of different ways.

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The success of our rapidly growing company is based on impressive products and services. However, another important factor is our team of dedicated individuals who are prepared to commit themselves to the company’s success – both individually and as a team.

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Art with PrintoLUX®/Tintography

The use of the PrintoLUX® method as a new artistic medium is garnering considerable attention. We are curious to see where this medium may take Arthur Redhead and other visual artists ...

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